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View " A kind of Five criteria for selecting electromagnetic heating furnaces
The burning of loose coal in winter is the key reason for haze and other pollution weather. It is a topic that must be taken seriously in environmental pollution remediation. Loose coal combustion produces a lot of harmful gases, resulting in PM2.5 rising steadily, causing immeasurable pollution to the air environment and affecting the health and travel of residents. With the result of the national coal to electricity project, the clean heating area in the North has expanded rapidly. As an electromagnetic heating furnace for supporting the coal to electricity, the project has also arrived.
View " A kind of What is electromagnetic heating technology?
First, the principle of electromagnetic induction heating is to convert the 50HZ/60HZ alternating current into a DC voltage through the transformation of the electromagnetic heating device. Then the DC voltage is converted to 20-40KHZ high frequency voltage through the control circuit, and the fast moving high voltage current generates a high speed magnetic field in the cable. The heat generated by magnetic field is the alternating current of the metal surface of the container when the cable contacts with the iron container.
View " A kind of What are the applications of electromagnetic induction heaters?
The electromagnetic induction heater is used in various industrial heating equipment, such as stainless steel mixing drum, granulator, drying equipment, heating furnace, superheated steam, carbon making and so on. In civil heating products, such as electromagnetic water heater, electromagnetic thermos bottle, electromagnetic heating furnace and other high efficiency electric heating appliances. Details are as follows: 1. household heating. It can replace the traditional highly efficient, highly polluting coal-fired boilers and electric boilers, and will not generate any form of pollution during operation. At the same time, energy saving effect.
View " A kind of How long is the life of electromagnetic induction heater? How to maintain electromagnetic heating?
First, choose a large scale and experienced electromagnetic induction heater manufacturer, with the guarantee of original technology, have the ability of independent research and development, ensure enough materials and enough power; two, match load, inductance size, working frequency, phase difference, etc.
View " A kind of There are four main ways of heating coal to electricity.
The first is gas heating. The advantages of using natural gas to heat are convenience, comfort and low pollution. At the same time, the user can control the heating temperature and time. Heating is more convenient; the disadvantage is that it must be laid by natural gas pipelines. In addition, China's natural gas reserves are relatively limited, and investment in previous projects also limits the promotion of natural gas heating.
View " A kind of Brief introduction of electromagnetic heating stove
View " A kind of What are the characteristics of household electromagnetic heating stove?
At first, people's living standards improved, and the heating methods in winter were different. At the beginning, most families had abandoned the traditional way of coal heating.
View " A kind of Seven things that must be paid attention to when using an electromagnetic heating stove.
Electromagnetic heating furnace must pay special attention to the seven things for everyone to introduce in detail. The settlement environment of the main engine of 1 and electromagnetic heating stove should not be less than -20 C, not higher than 50 C, and should be dry and circulated.
View " A kind of Can electromagnetic heating stove be used in harsh environment? And those.
The electromagnetic heating stove has a long service life. According to the previous analysis, the application of the electromagnetic heating system saves the energy of the traditional heating method to the air, and the electromagnetic furnace will not show the high temperature and airtight magnetic induction. How to reduce the maintenance cost of the electromagnetic induction heating will greatly improve the heating environment of the heating stove.
View " A kind of How to make the electromagnetic heating stove more energy efficient?
Keep the room warm. The energy consumption of any heating equipment is affected by several factors, including the insulation condition of the building itself, whether the surrounding units are heating, the thermal efficiency of the product and the heating mode. Therefore, we suggest that the user, if it is newly bought or newly built house, must be well insulated during the renovation.
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