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View " A kind of When the electromagnetic induction heater is used, the temperature of the coil is over the plateau.
1. The wire diameter of the high temperature cable which is equipped with the electromagnetic heating device of the electromagnetic heater and the electromagnetic heating controller with small diameter and different power is different, because the quantity to be conveyed is different. If the channel is too narrow and the carrying capacity of the unit space exceeds its own capacity, the heat emitted will naturally be higher than normal. 2. In order to give full play to the insulation and heat insulation effect of the thermal insulation cotton, the thickness of the insulation cotton is usually about 15-25mm.
View " A kind of Refer to the advantages of electromagnetic heating stove
The advantages of electromagnetic heating furnace are as follows: 1. Frequency conversion technology, through frequency conversion, produce 20000HZ high frequency current, heating efficiency and energy saving. 2, separation of water and electricity - the principle of electromagnetic heating design to eliminate leakage hazards. When the body is designed, safety should be fully considered and the core water and electricity separation can be achieved. 3, safety and stability -- constant power design. The current will automatically decrease when the voltage is high, and the current will rise automatically when the voltage is low.
View " A kind of Application of electromagnetic induction technology in plastic machinery
1. at present, the government advocates universal electricity saving and joint action. And China's power shortage provinces, according to the Electricity Regulatory Commission released the "power supply and demand situation analysis and recommendations" revealed, has reached 18. There are more than 140 thousand power cuts in all parts of the country, and the total power limit is 1 billion 900 million kilowatt hours. The shortage of power has seriously restricted the economic development of our country. Therefore, the government energetically supports energy conservation and environmental protection industries. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 1 million 600 thousand sets of plastic production machinery in the country, and 1 each year.
View " A kind of Working principle of electromagnetic induction heater
The principle of electromagnetic heating is to produce alternating magnetic field through the components of the electronic circuit board. When the iron container is placed above the container, the surface of the container is cut alternating magnetic field line and the alternating current (i.e. eddy current) is generated at the bottom part of the container. The eddy makes the iron sub part of the container move irregularly at high speed, and the molecules collide and rub with each other to generate heat. Thus, the effect of heating articles is achieved. Because iron containers are self heating, all thermal conversion rates are particularly high, up to 95%.
View " A kind of The application prospect, market capacity and actual application of electromagnetic heating products.
According to incomplete statistics, there are about 1 million 600 thousand sets of plastic production machinery in the country, and it is increasing at an annual rate of 15%. The capacitance of the heating part is 20 million KW, and the daily electricity consumption is about 20 million *0.5*20 = 200 million KW.h. Note: 0.5 is the heating and breaking ratio of the machine. 20 the working hours per day for the machine are calculated on the basis of 300 working days per machine per year, so the annual consumption of plastic processing machinery in the whole country is 60 billion KW.H, if all the machines are installed.
View " A kind of Explanation of whether radiation from electromagnetic induction heater is harmful to human body
The magnetic field generated by the magnetic field from around 0.1MHz to about 300MHz is only harmful to the human body. Its magnetic field intensity is more than 3 milli Gauss, which is harmful to the human body. The magnetic field damage from 90MHz to 300MHz is the largest, and the downwards, closer to the magnetic field of 0.1MHz, the smaller the damage, the more serious the damage to the magnetic field below 0.1MHz. Of course, the intensity of the harmful zone is below 3 milli Gauss, which is generally regarded as a safe area.
View " A kind of How to troubleshoot and solve electromagnetic failure in E-4
View " A kind of Development prospect of plastic mechanical electromagnetic heater in China
View " A kind of Innovating core electromagnetic frequency conversion technology to guide energy saving heating brand
View " A kind of Future trends and challenges of electromagnetic heating
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