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Zhongshan Shengchi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Zhongshan, one of the famous electronic production bases in China, which is bold and innovative and energetic. We mainly sell intelligent power saver. Professional sales energy saving heater, electromagnetic induction heater, electromagnetic aluminum melting furnace, steam chafing dish stove, electric cooker, electromagnetic heater, electromagnetic heating coil, electromagnetic heating energy saving equipment and external energy saving transformation project.
Enterprises always regard sophisticated energy saving products and other variable frequency electronic products as core products, and strive for the leading spirit of technology development and service.
Sheng Chi technology has mass production products: high quality small power induction heating heater, German hard lock half bridge, medium and small power electromagnetic induction heater and high power or ultra high power full bridge phase-shifting working mode electromagnetic induction heater. 13420017772 Mr. Chen

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